10k gold vs 14k gold Chain (Which one is Better?)

10k gold vs 14k gold

When purchasing gold jewelry, you’ll often end up asking which karat to choose. They normally range between 10k gold vs 14k gold. The most common karats, however, are 10k-18k gold jewelry. In this post, however, we will focus on discussing and comparing 10k and 14k gold, to determine which is better.


What is 10k Gold Chain Made of?


10k gold is considered the lowest karat gold in most countries. In countries like Europe or Ireland, however, you could find 9k gold. As for 10 karat gold, this means that there are 10 parts of pure gold in the gold alloy and the rest of the 14 parts are constructed of other metal alloys.


In percentage terms, 10k gold contains approximately 42% of pure gold and 58% of other metal alloys. The normal metals within the other metal alloys are copper, zinc, platinum, silver, and palladium. Sometimes you could see traces of nickel.

Depending on the combination of metal applied, the resulting color of the gold varies. There are usually three common colors, that’s, gold, white gold, and rose gold.


White gold is an assortment of gold with white metals like silver (47.4%), palladium (10%), and zinc (0.9%). Sometimes it could have traces of nickel. Gold contains an assortment of zinc or silver (52%) and copper (6%) blended with pure gold.


Rose gold alternatively contains mostly copper (38-58%) but may contain silver (20%) aside from the pure gold.

The Pros and Cons of 10k Gold Chain.

10k vs 14k gold chain

10k gold as seen possesses more metal alloys than pure gold. Hence it among the least types of gold when it comes to purity. This fact is usually the real reason for its biggest advantage and its disadvantage. Listed below are its benefits and drawbacks:

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It’s cheaper. Because it has got lower gold content, it’s not the purest sort of gold hence less valuable. Which means you can acquire it for a cheaper price than higher karat gold.

It’s more durable. Gold is a soft metal and so it scratches easily. Because 10k gold features more content of metal alloys as opposed to gold, it is normally harder and hence, more durable.




It’s less valuable. Due to the low purity level, 10k gold includes a low resell value. Which means it could be difficult to receive significant money from the gold content it contains in the event that you were to resell it.

It’s more likely to react with your skin. Because of the higher content of other metal alloys, there are higher chances of obtaining a skin reaction because of traces of nickel or other reactive metals.

It has less luster. The reduced gold content in 10k gold means that it has a duller appearance in comparison to higher karat gold. The high content of metal alloys also means it tarnishes faster hence losing its appeal sooner.


 What is 14k Gold Chain Manufactured from?


14k gold is going to be the most frequent type of gold used in building gold jewelry, especially engagement rings. 14 karat gold comprises of 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts of various metal alloys.


As a percentage that’s approximately 58% pure gold and 42% of other metal alloys. This is the opposite content of 10k gold.


Like 10k gold, however, the common metals used are silver, nickel, zinc, palladium, copper, and platinum.


Similarly, mixing different metals with 14k gold will cause the three common colors. Those are gold, rose gold, and white gold.


Aside from the 58% pure gold, white gold consists of an assortment of white metals like silver (31%), zinc (0.6%), and palladium (10%).


It may likewise contain negligible traces of nickel and is usually plated with rhodium to keep it from tarnishing. The rose gold provides the same amount of pure gold mixed almost entirely with copper (38%-42%).


Sometimes though it could contain somewhat of zinc (4%) to lessen the reddish hue from the copper and give it more of rosy color. For white gold, the other metal alloys utilized will be copper (4%) and zinc (38%).

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THE PROFESSIONALS and Cons of 14k Gold Chain.


Like the 10k gold, the actual fact that 14k gold includes a higher gold content is both its biggest advantage and disadvantage. Listed below are the pros and cons of 14k gold:




It has the best content balance. This implies that of the many karat gold, 14k gold gets the best balance of gold and other metals. Therefore, it gets the best balance of toughness and purity.

It’s valuable. Because it consists of more gold content than any other metal, it includes a higher purity in comparison to 10k gold. Because of this, it has an improved resell value.

It’s less reactive with your skin. Having a smaller content of other metal alloys implies that 14k is less likely to react with your skin. Which means it’s more hypoallergenic compared to 10k or lower gold.

It has a more desirable luster. This is when compared to low karat golds and simply because, that it includes more gold content than other metals. Which means it’s also less inclined to tarnish fast.



It’s slightly more expensive. Compared to 10k gold or lower, 14k gold is purer hence more valuable. Because of this, it will cost more to get 14k gold jewelry, in comparison with the 10k gold.

It’s less durable. Although it includes a perfect balance, 14k gold still contains more gold than metal alloys. Therefore, it’s less durable and more scratchable in comparison to 10k gold.


Color Difference Between 10k and 14k Gold.


Whether or not it’s 10k or 14k gold, the three common colors of gold are yellow, white, and rose.


The ratio of gold to other metal alloys, however, affects the intensity and richness of the color. That is where 10k and 14k gold differ with regards to color.


The more the gold content in the alloy, the richer and more intensive the resulting color. 14k gold not only has more gold content than 10k gold, nonetheless it is generally manufactured from more gold than metal alloys. 10k gold however is made of more metal alloys than gold.

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By logic, therefore, 14k gold could have a richer intense color, when compared to dull and pale color of the 10k gold. That is mostly for the reason that other metal alloys have a tendency to tarnish, unlike gold that maintains their color and luster.


10k vs 14k Gold Chain, Who Wins?


Purely predicated on the characteristics of the gold alloys, however, 14k gold appears to have more advantages.


It has a much better appearance, it’s more hypoallergenic and it doesn’t tarnish easily. In addition, it has an improved resell value should you tend to sell the chain down the road.


While it’s not as durable, it has an improved balance of strength and purity. That’s unlike the 10k gold that sacrifices purity for durability.


By that logic, 14k gold seems to be the better chain despite being slightly more expensive.


The price, however, is a matter of individual ability and preference. So, ultimately, it’s up to you to choose based on preference.




When choosing between 14k gold chain vs 18k, consider their cost and characteristic. Also, consider the utilization of the jewelry and how sometimes it’ll be used.


Understand that it’s a matter of the budget and whether you prefer value or durability. Read more earrings metal posts here or visit this site for more!



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