12 Affordable Promise Necklaces for Her in 2021!

Jewelry brand USA

Couples get offer jewelry to symbolize both their love and commitment to one another. It demonstrates you want to invest the rest you will ever have with the individual, and the confidence that something more, such as a proposal and matrimony, will happen. What is commonly given is assurance jewelry, but people are making a move to necklaces too.


Here we will take a look at 12 affordable promise necklace for her for lovers that you can consider getting for the main one you love.


Offer necklaces for him and her

Jewelry Brand USA
DAOCHONG silver necklace

The design of this first necklace is suitable for equine lovers. It really is created from AAA quality silver and has cubic zirconia gemstones.

The pendant is a representation of mother and child, but it is also perfect for couples that have a kid together.

The “I Love You” may be the message the man gives to his girlfriend and the kid they share. Whatever meaning you take up, the design is quite stunning and guaranteed to stand out.

My Name Necklace

This next one is a promise necklace for him and her that has a matted broken heart pendant.

On each piece of the pendant, you can get yet another pendant at the top with your partner’s name. When you’re making the order, you’re meant to click on “Customize Now,” and the give both your labels.

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You will discover three versions of the pendant necklaces, that is, silver, gold plated sterling silver or rose-gold plated silver.

You will find three versions of the pendant necklaces, that is, silver, gold plated silver or rose-gold plated silver.

JZMSJF silver necklace

This next brand has a number of options as it pertains to the pendants. The main element note on each is “I love one to the moon and back again,” nevertheless they have their own design.

promise necklace for her  There’s a crescent pet cat, a crescent pearl star, your dog paw necklace, an infinity heart, and the infinity icon.

If your girlfriend is a pet lover, it’s something she’d be happy to wear at any hour. The metal used in making the necklace is sterling silver, and the gems are cubic zirconia.

Silver Mountain few necklace

Here we’ve another couple’s necklace pendant created from silver and has a polished platinum finish.

You’re assured that the earrings won’t change color or tarnish of this matter. Additionally it is nickel-free and so ideal for people that have sensitive skin.

The pendants feature a simple cupid’s bow and arrow; you can decide what each one gets predicated on their personality. The necklaces come in a surprise box in addition to a silver polishing cloth for the glimmer.

Cupimatch couple’s necklace

Crafted in 316L stainless, has high resistance to rust, corrosion and tarnishing. Anti-allergic and Amazingly Hypoallergenic.keep carefully the color not easy to fade.

Economical, cost-effective and worthwhile purchasing.
Easy Matching: Its simple but beautiful design suits with any dress style, formal; everyday; fashion; trendy or old-fashioned. It just can pair with any clothing perfectly.

It contains 2 bits matching necklace, image of love and companionship. This trendy piece makes the perfect affectionate present.

14k precious metal pulse and center pendant necklace

This lifeline, heartbeat, pulse and heart pendant necklace is handmade from 14k yellow gold and comes together with a dainty Rolo chain.

It also has a perfect polished surface finish that is guaranteed to stick out when on your throat. When you get the rings, you get a particular gift presentation as well.

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Its brand makes this jewelry from the US and features the factory price. Each item you get gets shipped immediately from the maker.

DAOCHONG sterling silver necklace pair

This brand also gives you two necklaces. If the pendants get come up with, they form a complete heart and what “CLOSE FRIENDS.”

According to the company, they state these necklaces are ideal for young adults, given how sweet they are. It is something you can get for you as well as your spouse even if you’re more mature but love very jewelry.

The material used is 925 silver with a platinum polish. You will discover blue gems around the entire heart.

Silver Pile couple’s matching pendant necklace

If you’re into adorable animations drawings, then this pendant match is perfect for you. You get two necklaces whereby when both pendants get combined, it forms a heart-shape.

In the male side, there’s a man catching love hearts with a net, and on the feminine side is a female blowing kisses.

The material is sterling silver with a platinum polish finish. You’re reassured which it won’t tarnish. It includes a gift pack and a sterling silver polishing material too.

My Name Necklace custom heart pendant necklace

That is another pendant by My Name Necklace that additionally require customization.

It really is a breakable necklace where two hearts unite, and it requires you to place your make which of our spouse in the customization section.

The final result will have your names partly of the heart. The business can engrave up to nine letters on the pendant on each half center.

The metal type is sterling silver, and the necklaces come in either a stylish surprise box or a pouch.

Jstyle few pendant necklace

You get two stainless steel half heart pendant necklaces when you purchase from this brand.

This necklace differs because one half of the pendant is silver, and the other some may be black. Each has a distinctive design that also incorporates a full center that’s been carved from different parts of the hearts.

However, when come up with, they form a perfect center. The pendants have “I REALLY LIKE You” etched, and each also offers two cubic zirconia rocks.

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Aienid Necklace set

promise necklace for girlfriend The pendants here are produced from tungsten steel jewelry that hang for black rope necklaces. The pendant also won’t cause pores and skin allergies.

There’s a single crystal on each pendant. All over the pendant, both outside and inside, there are complex patterns.

On the inside area of the pendant, there can be an engraving written: “I REALLY LIKE You.” The pendants’ colors are blue and red with beads that flip color based on your skin temperatures and your feelings.

Jewelry Everyday charm necklace

When you get these necklaces from this brand, you’re addressing separate necklaces that both have pink offer charm pendants.

The material differs from other necklaces upon this list; it is made up of a zinc alloy. The colour is silver-toned and comes with an antique finish.

The chain is long, too; it is 20 in . long. It really is simple and makes it ideal for day-to-day wear even though it will stick out too.

MJartoria pendant necklace

Last on the list; we’ve a necklace pendant created from stainless-steel. This specific necklace and pendant are gold-colored.

The pendants separate to form two half hearts, but each does have another engraved message.

One says, “Together forever never apart” and the other “Maybe in distance but never in center,” and each has a black heart and soul below the subject matter. They come in a delicate gift pack as well.


There is a significant selection of necklaces you can present yourself as well as your partner as a promise necklaces for couples to your dedication. This content serves as the right place to start.

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