What does 14k italy gold chain real or fake?

14k italy gold chain real or fake

Exactly what does 14k italy gold chain worth? Could it be 14k italy gold chain real or fake? Gold might be the most treasured metal around, but there are extensive types/ classes of gold that may be really perplexing for you or other people for example to recognize and pick the best kind of gold jewelry.

Among the confusing types of gold is 14k italian gold jewelry. It’s also one of the most typical types of golds that is loved and disliked in equal measure, but is 14K Italy gold good quality gold, or could it be a scam?

Well, continue reading to find out more on the 14K Italy gold.

Exactly what does 14k italy chain fake mean on jewelry? Could it be real?

To understand this is of 14K Italy gold, we need to start out with the fundamentals. So, exactly what does 14K mean? Well, 14K means that gold charms with the 14K stamping comprises of 14 parts gold, from the 24 parts that define 100% gold.

All of those other jewelry comprises of other metals or metal alloys. Therefore, exactly what does 14k italy mean

or is italian gold real means italian gold charms for sale. In case you are wondering is this gold is real, you’ll be relieved to learn that you didn’t buy knockout gold charms and the 14K Italy gold is real/ traditional gold, well, unless you are misled by the seller.

Note, however, how much is a 14k white gold chain worth? is not the highest quality gold, and it is pretty much the middle-class in the manufactured gold realm.

Keep in mind that gold jewelry and all other things made of gold come with different gold markings, specifically: 8, 10, 12, 14, 20, 22, and 24K gold. While there hasn’t been 8K gold jewelry or gold pieces on the market for a long while, 8K gold existed (still exists in some parts of the world and in flea markets).

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While we’ve established that the 14K Italy gold jewelry is real and authentic, you need to exercise caution because the 14 karat gold chain Italy mark isn’t to be always trusted – there are many cases where the 14K Italy mark is a forged mark, and also you won’t know it until it’s too late.

jtv italian jewelry

So, here is what you need to know about the 14K Italy gold: first off, the jewelry made of this kind of gold is actually sourced from Italy, and what is italian gold on the market is? mostly in the form of 14K, and the 18K Italy gold is uncommon on the market.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is that the marking on 14K Italy gold is different from the marking on most other kinds of gold.

Specifically, the fineness of the 14K Italy gold will be marked by a 585 mark for the 14K gold.

The few 18K Italy gold on the market bear the 750 markings, meaning that the only way for you to identify authentic jtv italian jewelry, whether 14K or 18K is by looking for the 585 and the 750 marks.

Why 585 and 750 Markings?

As mentioned above, the markings on the 14K and the 18K Italian gold jewelry will differ from the markings on most other types of gold jewelry, and you will need to look for the three-digit markings because they represent the gold’s percentage purity.


Basically, the 14K Italy gold is 58.5% gold while 18K Italy gold is 75% pure gold. While Italian gold, whose purity is below the 58.5% mark, these gold jewelry are often close to the 14K level of purity that you desire.

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Why is Italian gold more costly?

Italian gold is considerably expensive mostly due to high importation costs, specifically the import tax put by the government on important Italian jewelry. This tax has been around place for many years now, meaning you can’t blame the existing administration. This import tax on gold charms from Italy is also unlikely to disappear completely.

The interesting bit is the fact gold imported in to the US from other countries isn’t charged import tax, but if you truly consider it, you will observe that the high tax on the Italian gold charms actually is practical.

If you’re a charms enthusiast, you understand that Italian gold charms is the very best quality as well as the most beautiful gold charms worldwide.

So, all you have to to do to be sure that the gold charms you are buying is really traditional 14K Italy gold is to look for the Italy stamp, as well as the percentage purity. That Italy stamp is what makes that gold rings worth the high price tag.

How to tell if 14k Italy gold chain is real?

If you are gold rings loved and you would like some high-quality Italian gold jewelry, it would help to know how to easily identify actual high-quality and real 14K Italy gold jewelry. Below are some of the ways of identifying 14K Italian gold jewelry.

Quality Markings

The first thing to look out for is the markings. Essentially, the finest Italian gold rings will have the 18K mark or higher, and the 14K variants are also quite common. As mentioned above, you can tell you have high-quality Italian gold by looking for the 585 mark on the 14K gold, 750 or .7500 for the 18K gold, and .4167 for the 10K gold.

A word of caution, though – the 585 or the 14K gold rings also happens to be the most commonly forged marks, and it’s not surprising to find these marks on rings with zero gold content.

There is also the fact that these are gold-filled and gold-plated rings with the 14K Italy or the 585 markings, and the dad bit is that these ‘gold’ pieces are often made of 12K plating or gold fillings, which imply that you merely have earrings that is 5% pure gold rather than 58.5% needlessly to say.

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You also have to be alert to the rolled-gold earrings that is constructed of a gold coating, and it’s only 2.5% pure. With these considerations at heart, you should be careful while looking for real 14K Italy gold jewelry.

Bite the gold

Sound just a little dramatic, but it works. Real 14K or 18K Italian gold will dent when you bite down it, but fake gold won’t. But this isn’t a 100% dependable method because the gold-plated and the gold-filled gold pieces will likewise have dents.

Tinge/ Discoloration. Fake gold will have black or green spots on the top over time, but this won’t be the truth with pure gold.

Real gold is quite dense and heavy, as the fake gold is more lightweight.

Consult a specialist

If you’re still unsure or you merely don’t feel the trouble, the surest way that you can determine the authenticity of gold is by getting the gold earrings evaluated by a specialist.


Benefits and drawbacks of Italy gold Chain




Italy gold makes the best, most beautiful chains

Excellent quality gold chains

More precise designs





There are way too many counterfeits

In the event you buy Italy Gold Jewelry?


Yes. When you need to do your due diligence to establish authenticity, Italian gold rings is the best quality jewelry on the planet.


There might be a lot of confusion about 14K Italy jewelry, and there are many imitations and fake gold rings with the Italy mark, but 14K Italy gold rings is not a scam.

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