[7] Facts About a diamond is forever slogan Everyone Thinks are True!


Do you question about who developed the ‘A diamond is forever’ term, what this means, and how it had become? Also, can you question the power of the gemstones to previous for eternity?

Because spending a few of the treasured minutes of your valuable time on the internet will reveal the fact that diamond jewelry are organic and natural by-products of the compression of carbon atoms under a large amount of pressure, hence their crystallization and the forming of the diamonds.

Given the organic nature of the diamonds, saying a diamond lastly forever may, therefore, appear just a little misguided. Don’t you think? Well, this content explores the world of gemstones.

More specifically, we try to understand why diamond jewelry are thought to last forever and if there is any truth in this idea.

So, let’s begin.

“A Diamonds is Forever” Meaning

A Diamonds is Forever is easily one of the oldest, most reliable, and the most well-known advertising slogans throughout background.

But what this is of the slogan?

Well, A Gem is Forever is a term used to powerfully shoot the timelessness and the effectiveness of diamonds.

This phrase was conceptualized by the De Beers marketing team as a way to show the importance of diamonds and, moreover, the use of diamonds to symbolize the never-ending signs of love.

The slogan ‘A Gem is Forever’ helped to communicate the message that the diamond would always retain its value.

The phrase was further used to spell it out the resilience and the strength of the diamond jewelry, showing that it is the hardest and the most durable crystal on earth.


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Who said ‘A Diamonds is Forever’?

The phrase and marketing slogan, A Gemstone is Forever, was coined in 1947 by a female, Frances Gerety, who worked at the De Beers company.

Ms. Frances was able to capture the durability and the timelessness of diamond using these four simple words when she was utilized at a Philadelphia-based advertising organization. At the time, Frances was working at what was virtually a ‘man’s world,’ and she was tasked with managing the De Beers’ company bill.

Needlessly to say, this bill was designated to her because she was handling one of the ‘women’s products’ accounts, and she had been hired to create for accounts that cope with the ladies products’ accounts.

Success or her intellectual prowess had it that after she’d just finished working on a long group of advertisements and was winding down for your day, she noticed that she’d forgotten to include a signature lines on to her latest advertising campaign works.

As exhausted as she was, she scribbled a note on a bit of paper before she fell asleep. She had a presentation the next morning. Her presentation was to a boardroom packed with men.

During the display, the men were initially hesitant of her different presentation style.

However, her ideas were authorized off on, and her line’ A Diamond is Forever’ had not been only approved by the client, but it went on to transform not only the marketing and sales for gemstones, but it addittionally changed the advertising company she was working at and the advertising industry all together, forever.

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In 1999, the phrase ‘A Gem is Forever’ received the best degree of recognition, with Advertising Age naming it ‘The Slogan of the Century.’

A Gem is Forever – History

A little backstory into this whole award-winning phrase – diamonds identifies the naturally-occurring minerals which were first formed more than a billion years back deep in the earth’s crust.

The diamonds result from the action of pressure and heating on carbon, two forces that lead to the creation of the hardest substance known to man.

Despite its hardness, diamonds can be cut up into various patterns, and they are mostly used in jewelry making. Why is gemstones unique is the fact people are prepared to pay large sums of money for diamond jewelry.

With a knowledge of the mining, development, jewelry making, and sale of diamond jewelry, as well as the fact that people are willing to spend thousands on the stone, the world’s leading diamonds production company, De Beers Consolidated Mines Company in South Africa caused a leading Philadelphia-based advertising agency to create the best marketing/ advertising slogan and practices for the merchandise.

Their advertising account was run by Frances Gerety, who coined the slogan A Diamond is Forever, one night. The slogan was approved and has since been used by the company to advertise their diamonds.

But, this word might well have other meanings aside from the timelessness and the effectiveness of the diamonds. Corresponding to reviews, the De Beers company continues diamond jewelry mined from different countries, plus they only to push out a limited range of diamonds every year.

Although the business refutes these claims noting that isn’t something practiced by the business anymore, the ‘A Diamond is Forever’ slogan remains the most successful marketing tool employed by the business. This slogan easily makes up about the high sales saved by the business over the years.

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The gemstones’ advertising campaign used the ‘A Gem is Forever’ slogan showing that the diamond jewelry symbolized the never-ending sign of love.

How these four words changed the style world?

70+ years following the world’s most recognizable 4-letter word sentiment premiered, it remains one of the very most famous slogans on the globe, not only in the marketing scene.

Copywriter Frances Gerety is acknowledged for the creation of the slogan.

What really stands out therefore of the use of this phrase would be that the slogan is pretty much the explanation for the favorite modern idea of diamond engagement rings. It wasn’t before marketing campaign was run that the thought of proposing to partners with the diamond gemstone became a thing.

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to meet someone planning for a proposal without a diamond engagement ring within the plan.


A Stone is Forever is one of the most recognizable marketing phrases used today, and even though it goes back to its conceptualization in 1947, it is the reason why gemstones are popular and why virtually everyone proposes with a diamond gemstone.

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