Allergic To White Gold Earrings – Is It Normal?

White gold earrings are functional and stylish, and you can wear them with virtually anything in your closet. The disadvantage of these beautiful earrings is the fact while you will like them from day one, your ears may be irritated after you’ve had them for a few weeks or a few months because of allergies.

Why are you allergic to white silver earrings?

White rare metal allergies happen because white precious metal is a metal (gold) alloy containing nickel.

In the event that you experience some kind of allergic attack to the white silver jewelry and have a rash or redness on your ears after wearing the white gold earrings, this means that you are allergic to a particular metal element in the yellow metal as opposed to the silver. Allergies to yellow metal, specifically, are rare; but the response would be because of a a reaction to nickel.

White rare metal allergies result from the metal alloys with nickel. While gold jewelry is undoubtedly the most effective in the overall game, you can not have jewelry manufactured from pure platinum because pure yellow metal is too smooth, and it can’t be used to make rings. For hardening and further strength, the pure gold is manufactured into an alloy using other metals like nickel and copper. Nickel is the steel that is often used to set-up the metallic alloy. Alas, the properties that make nickel the perfect steel to add to gold also bring about allergies that now make you hate the white silver earrings.

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However, not all white platinum jewelry will cause an adverse response when worn. Essentially, the metals with less level of silver purity, quite simply, the lower karat bits of jewelry, have a tendency to cause the most unfortunate reactions than the bigger karat white platinum pieces of rings. The bigger karat silver pieces contain less nickel, hence a lower risk of pores and skin allergies (contact dermatitis). The low karat white silver pieces will have less gold and even more of the material alloys, hence more nickel and a straight higher threat of adverse reactions.

That said, there is no fast or hard guideline as it pertains to choosing specific types of earrings or realizing that the earrings selected may cause allergies. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too much on yourself if your skin gets annoyed after putting on the earrings.

Allergic to white rare metal earrings – Could it be Normal?

Yes, having an allergic attack to white silver earrings is normal (but only following the rhodium plating layer wears off).

Gold alloys, as stated above, contain nickel, which is often found in gold rings to harden the silver. The low purity gold rings has more alloys, meaning the charms will easily cause reactions, unlike the bigger karat gold rings.

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Notably, white yellow metal jewelry is slightly yellow gold rings with rhodium plating. As the rhodium plating is allergy-free and retains off allergies, the layer of rhodium wears out after some months, exposing the silver bottom part layer, and with it, your skin gets in contact with the nickel in the gold, hence allergies.


1.Opt for Hypoallergenic Jewelry Metals

If you have a problem with steel allergies, the safest route for you would be to consider jewelry manufactured from the best hypoallergenic materials. The very best hypoallergenic materials are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, meaning the earrings is free from allergens. Such earrings options include surgical stainless steel, silver, titanium, and platinum. You might opt for the high karat silver jewelry made out of no nickel. Also, you should check with the jeweler when purchasing the charms to ensure that the rings is nickel-free.

2.Invest in higher-karat white silver jewelry

The best thing to do while looking for white gold earrings that won’t cause allergies is to choose the higher karat white gold jewelry. Although this type of jewelry will definitely cost more, the bigger karat white silver jewelry contains track portions or no nickel, this means no allergic attack, rashes, or discomfort in virtually any other manner.

Essentially, the 10k to 14k white gold rings will have more of the metal alloys, meaning more nickel, hence an increased risk of allergies.

However, the 18k white gold jewelry would be a great option for you because they contain 75% platinum and 25% metal alloys. Out of the 25% alloy, 8% is constructed of nickel. Generally, this is a track amount, which means a reduced risk of allergies.

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The higher percentage of pure gold in the 18k gold will also boost the value of the jewelry. Therefore, folks fighting nickel allergies may be better off with the 18g white gold earrings – just retain in mind you could still have a rash if you wear the 18k white silver pieces as a result of 8% nickel in the white silver jewelry.

3.Get the white gold part re-plated.

The other thing you may do to protect yourself from rashes and irritation is to use the little bit of jewelry back to the jeweler for replating.

The rhodium plating allows for the addition of a strong layer of protection for the white gold jewelry. Rhodium plating will put in a layer of coverage, avoiding allergies. Just ensure that the rhodium plating is free of nickel.


White rare metal allergies are normal because of the occurrence of nickel in the earrings.

Nevertheless, you could lower the risk of allergies by replating the piece, buying higher karat white platinum jewelry, or investing in alternatives like platinum or titanium earrings.

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