Are Blue Nile Diamonds Good?(With Pros&Cons)

blue nile diamonds

Are blue nile diamonds jewelry Good? Can I buy one? You may already know, there are different types/ sources of diamonds, and knowing the best destination to buy certified and conflict-free gemstones is essential.

In this article, we’ll check out everything you need to learn about is blue nile good gemstones, if they are good or not, and why is the brand good (or bad).

All you need to know about Blue Nile Diamonds

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile is a respected brand coping in precious stone engagement rings. Blue nile competitors, Mark Vadon’s seek out the perfect gemstone, led him to believe that gemstones were an important commodity.

So, he took enough time to learn all about this item them shop the best prices. With knowledge from, he learned pretty much everything he had a need to find out about this brand, which led to the beginning of Blue Nile.

Remember that unlike other dealers in gemstones, Blue Nile’s business model involves listing diamonds on the site from precious stone wholesalers and manufacturers directly.

This way, the site has an enormous inventory and, most importantly, thin margins, and overall competitively priced, high-quality diamonds.

Are blue nile diamonds real gemstones lab-grown?

Having a philosophy that goes beyond diamonds that are just conflict-free, all the diamonds by the Blue Nile are from mines where the employees work in safe conditions, and they’re paid fair wages.

But this brand doesn’t just offer natural, conflict-free diamonds, blue nile llc might take delight in the creation of lab-grown diamonds from recycles metals.

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So, to reply to your question, we’d say that only a share of are blue nile diamonds lab grown are lab-grown.

Are Blue Nile diamond jewelry good?

While blue nile warranty diamonds lack in conditions of environment variety and the diamond jewelry listed don’t always appear as high-resolution images, Blue Nile diamond jewelry are generally good.

The company employs a precious stone upgrade program, they feature price matching, and everything diamonds bought from the site have a lifetime warranty, as well as insured and free priority shipping plans and returns.

is blue nile reputable offers a very large collection of diamond jewelry online, all sourced from suppliers worldwide.

To ensure that their clients trust the diamond jewelry sold, all portions come with in depth grading reports, meaning you will usually know exactly what you are buying.

Are blue nile diamonds certified

Among other reasons, blue nile cleaning service offers outstanding pricing for diamonds, plus they likewise have a monumental collection of diamonds compared to its competitors.

Here is a look at the being successful features and characteristics of Blue Nile Diamond jewelry.

1.Conflict-Free Diamonds.

Blue Nile options all its diamond jewelry from known and skilled conflict-free areas.

They also source from manufacturers that only follow the Kimberly manufacturing Process, which means that the diamond jewelry sourced undergo a comprehensive certification process.

Following the Kimberly Process does mean that the diamonds have been authorized as diamonds that aren’t from the conflict-zones of the world. It’s also worthwhile noting that Blue Nile has been presence for about 2 decades now, and it’s got the support of 81 countries, including the US mandate.

By taking all these steps, Blue Nile does all it possibly can to only source diamond jewelry from the conflict-free areas.

2.Not commission-based.

Most other websites on the internet that package with diamonds operate on a commission-based system, which can be very annoying.

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But this isn’t the truth with Blue Nile, and therefore you wouldn’t have to worry about pressure strategies or the heavy and annoying sales pitches before you buy.

Blue Nile is also structured in a way that if you opt to buy their gemstones online, you wouldn’t suffer from or have any human being interactions.

Minus the heavy-handed online sales tactics, Blue Nile is more appealing compared to a few of its competitors.

3.Free, Insured Delivery.

The other winning feature of Blue Nile is the fact the company offers free, insured shipping for his or her diamonds via FedEx’s Priority Overnight.

Blue Nile further offers a free 30-day results period, meaning you’d have the ability to come back or exchange any precious stone piece brought from the business within the original thirty days of purchase.

Since shipping is free and the dividends will be shipped free, and the gemstones are insured, you truly won’t have much to fret about working with Blue Nile.

4.Complimentary Services – Cleaning and Inspection.

Like all the leading rings companies, Blue Nile offers complimentary inspection and cleaning services.

All you need to do is to dispatch the jewelry part to Blue Nile, and the business can pay to ship it back.

You can even send it to them for cleaning, and they’ll go the excess mile to inspect the jewelry piece and find out when there is any need for repairs.

In such cases, you’d have to cover repairs, as well as the price tag on having the earrings shipped back.

5.Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

The other benefit that comes with shopping from Blue Nile would be that the diamond jewelry purchased from them come with a lifetime warranty from the maker, and therefore the earrings will be repaired or replaced if it’s driven that the piece had a manufacturing defect.

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6.Upgrade program.

The other benefit for buying from Blue Nile is that the company comes with an upgrade program, and depending on amount of money spent on the diamonds, you may trade it for a larger diamond, but only if the new diamond is double the price of the original stone.

7.Price Match Make sure.

The other reason you may like Blue Nile is the fact they offer price match guarantees.

So, if you find comparable diamonds on a different site at a lesser price than what Blue Nile charges, you can ask for a cost match by getting in touch with Blue Nile.

Just know that Blue Nile will first have to grade that gemstone, and it must pass GIA standards.

Cons of Blue Nile diamonds

First, Blue Nile doesn’t offer many setting options for diamond jewelry.
The image resolution for Blue Nile isn’t the best, rather than all of Blue Nile’s diamond jewelry gets that 360-level treatment.


Blue Nile is one of the very most reputable brands of diamond jewelry, if you are buying a brand that markets qualified and conflict-free diamonds affordably, Blue Nile will be a good place that you can start. Thanks a lot for reading. To get more fashion brand issues, please read here or visit our home for more.

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