Logo Design

The most impactful part of your business and branding is your logo because it represents your identity. Your customers, partners, and the public will remember you by your logo; it translates into how reputable your business is.

Like McDonald’s or even Nike, your logo is the first thing to pop into your audience’s mind when they think of your business. Not the owner or also partners, the logo is the beginning, and it entices people to choose your business over your competitors’.

The first thing to acknowledge is that the most memorable logos have also been the simplest ones, something to compliment the rest of your business. You want your audience to remember your logo, but not to get distracted by it from the rest of your website or ads. They need to be able to recognize the message you are displaying; the logo should create a subliminal message of quality.

You should be proud of your logo because that isn’t something you update every year. That logo is what you are going to use for years to come unless you try to rebrand. That’s because, like your identity, it is supposed to stay for the whole lifetime. You don’t change your status, so why change your businesses’. If you want to update it little by little, that’s understandable, but changing the logo as a whole is like hitting a refresh button.

Logo design process


Before creating your logo, we meet with you and learn about what your company represents. That includes your services, target audience, current clients, and how you conduct your business. We need to get into your customer’s shoes to see your company through their eyes so we can create a logo that would entice them to conduct business with you.


After understanding the fundamentals of your business, we look at comparable companies in your industry, including your direct competitors, and take critical factors from their logos. Observing what shapes, colors, and fonts are used in their logos. We go in-depth because we know that a logo should be permanent, not a short-term fix.


After doing our research, we will start designing your logo. Included in this are about 3-5 different concepts so that you can get an idea of what you like. Each approach will be unique, and you will be able to review them before we proceed. That way if you want different aspects from multiple concepts, we can create a new one based on your preferences.


After being finalized and approved by our customers, we provide the logo in different formats for you to keep. From JPG to PNG, we will provide the final logo via email. We do not offer prints, but you will have complete control over your logo once we hand it over to you.