SEO Marketing

What is SEO marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of multiple tasks to increase the rank of any website in search engines. SEO marketing or Search engine optimization marketing is getting popular in present days, and it is creating a significant effect in the world of affiliate marketing. SEO marketing helps a website, blog, or business to reach more and more customers in the virtual world. It is the best process to reach customers as customers inevitably go with the online market with the best rating and rank in their search engine. That is why knowledge about SEO marketing is fundamental in the virtual marketing world. Here is a discussion about different related facts with SEO marketing.

Keyword for SEO marketing

SEO marketing mainly depends on the keywords. Based on the keywords of any virtual business or online websites, the full SEO marketing process run. That is why it is imperative to choose the perfect keywords for every SEO marketing process. Keyword researching is the starting part of SEO marketing. In terms of keyword choosing for SEO Marketing, some crucial things need to be kept in mind. Some related keywords may rank very high in the research, and one may think to go with the flow without considering anything else. However, it is also essential to understand that these are popular keywords, these used by all, and these keywords have very high competition. So it is a good idea to work with the keywords which are ranking in mid-level during research. By this, the SEO marketing process will provide a faster result.

Types of SEO marketing

Before starting SEO marketing, some rules and regulations are essential to understand, and based on these, mainly three different types of SEO marketing are available. These are 1. White Hat SEO Marketing, 2. Black Hat SEO Marketing, 3. Gray Hat SEO Marketing. SEO marketing works by considering the loops and algorithms of Google search engine, and these three types of SEO marketing have a basis of going with or against the flow of these rules.

White Hat SEO Marketing

White hat SEO marketing is clear as its name. It follows all the rules and works just precisely with the flow of Google’s instruction. White hat search engine optimization never exploits google loops, and it supports the algorithms of Google. That is why this type of search engine optimization is highly welcoming in terms of SEO Marketing. White hat SEO marketing will indeed provide the result very slow, but it creates a long time and long-lasting results

Black Hat SEO Marketing

Black hat search engine optimization is a risky one as google never allow it. It is an unsafe practice with a highly fast-growing result. Google will never allow it, and the web page will get blocked by the search engine if this practice has regular flow on google. Getting stuck is because black hat SEO marketing exploit google loops, and most of the time, it crosses match google's algorithm. Though prove the fast result, but it is too much risky and never suggested./p>

Gray Hat SEO Marketing

Gray hat search engine optimization is the most popular one, and it is used by most of the SEO optimizers. Like its name, it is the combination of some white hat and some black hat SEO marketing process. It is a process of action in need, and as per combination, it gives result faster than white hat.

Categories of SEO marketing

Based on these three types of SEO marketing, the process is operated through two different methods. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Both these categories have different purposes of performing, and of getting the best output, both should get equal priority.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO needs to have work done before publishing any web page to the search engine. It has some vital stages and particles to be considered during the creation of a web page and before posting them. Here are some instructions about these tasks.


Sharing backlinks in different relative sites is an integral part of on-page SEO marketing. Providing the backlink in a higher ranked website is very useful, and it helps significantly to increase the rank of the upcoming page. Different quote and important accessible information can also provide a backlink for search engine optimization.

Priority of keywords

Prioritizing the researched and selected keywords and then using them as per need in the contents is the second part of on-page SEO marketing. Naturally, when anyone searches with the keyword, the percentage of finding the page with useful use of the keyword will appear.

Meta tags

Meta tagging activity or Metadata part is another trendy and useful part of on-page SEO marketing. It is a revised version of secondary keyword description and importance, and it also prioritizes keywords. In some WordPress websites, Metadata option is a pre-created section that can be found while creating any new post

SEO blog marketing

Creating blogs for SEO and linking them while creating any web page is another activity, and it can help greatly. It is also useful to get targeted audience. H tags H tags stand for Headline tags. Using headline tags, mainly that includes an essential keyword in the content, is very useful for SEO marketing. Mostly google search engine takes notes and headlines while using the search engine, and the rank of the page increased.

Image SEO marketing

Images that contain related fact with the contents and keywords increase the rank and pictures are more easily accessible. An optimized image that has been created for image SEO marketing can increase page rank fast.

Internal web links

Links that are already published and have good page ranks can be used while generating new pages and contents. It carries the help from these pre popular links to get popular faster.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO activities start once the web page is submitted and is online. It is more likely to be a promotional activity. It also has a significant impact on SEO marketing. Some important off-page SEO marketing tasks discussed below.


Once the web page is live and can be accessed by everyone, then it must be shared on related popular places, sites, and social media. Websites and blogs that contain targeted audience are the right places to share the live page links.


Only sharing can't help to increase the rank of the published page if it doesn't get attraction regularly. For this to happen, commenting and replying on the shares and web page is very important. Especially posts on social media should get more attractions, and for this social media marketing is also essential.


Boosting up the pre-linked and pre-published pages will also increase the ranks for newly published or lived web page.

Star and ranking

Placing staring and ranking system will increase post likes, attractions, and shares. If a post gets good ranks, then it gets privileged, and this helps to increase page visit by the users. It also helps to understand the quality of the content, web page, and the demand of visitors.


Sharing frequently asked questions and answers get more attraction and increase the quality of the contents. Naturally, everyone will not have the same questions, but customers who have some common questions will get benefit from the FAQ. It also helps to increase stars and rankings.

Researching user’s demand

Regular checking up the backend part of website and pages can do a great help in understanding people’s desire. It also helps to find targeted customers and what they are looking more. Moreover, it can give a natural result to understand that if things are working or not.

Good relation with audience

It is vital to be responsive to the audience and customers. The pages, sites, and also the shares will continue to gather attraction from people, and a large number of knocks, texts, and questions will come. The result will depend on the response rate much.

Importance of SEO marketing

Importance of SEO marketing can't be described in words. In present days everything is based on the virtual world of Online. Even most of the business is also based on online web portals. Again, many websites, eCommerce and portals are selling the same product.

Moreover, that's where real competition starts. Surely a customer or client will go for the site that ranks in the top and easy to find. People now hardly remember that google show too many pages at the bottom of its searching page as everyone is clicking on the first or second one. So, the one that rank top will go further. Not only for the business or eCommerce but for every website who wants to show itself to the users or visitors, SEO marketing is the only choice. Increasing visitors and traffic to a website is the sole purpose of SEO marketing.