SEO Service

SEO service or Search Engine Optimization service is one of the most common parts among IT support centers. It is a great growing business and bye the help SEO service a large number of firms and companies have found their way back. Here is a short discussion on SEO and SEO services.

What is SEO and how it works?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In standard and easy words, it is a process of ranking a website or web page higher or in the top in search engines. Various methods and activities make that possible. So SEO service is not a single task, but it is a unique package of multiple tasks.

Mainly it works by following many rules or SEO rules of Google. Sometimes service providers go strictly with Google’s guidelines, and sometimes they find Google’s weakness and loops to rank in the top of the searching page.

SEO service providers

SEO service providing is a top-rated service in present days, and a large number of companies and businesses are based on that service can be found all over the world. A large number of freelance SEO service providers can also be seen with good quality work. These SEO service companies have great and qualified people with excellent skills to work for them.

Importance of SEO service

In this virtual era, everyone is now more interested in finding every product, information, news, and everything on online websites. Again, the same things are shared with many sites at the same time. Leading to competitive situations that make it imperative to be in the top lists on every search page. Moreover, that is why SEO is vital because, without SEO service, it is not possible. An SEO service company will provide these services, and as they are professional, they can handle these things better.

Steps of SEO services

SEO service is a step by step process. Some necessary steps of SEO service are discussed below.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the first step in SEO. Every SEO service company or SEO service provider must do keyword research before moving forward to other activities related to this. Keywords are searched based on the website, pages, topics, business, and products. Then these keywords are separated into three sectors. They are generic keywords, broad match keywords, and long-tail keywords.

Generic Keywords

Generic keywords are the most common keywords with the highest ranks. They are too general to work with, and these types of keywords are very competitive.

Broad Match Keywords

These types of keywords are a bit more specific than the generic one. They stand in second place to work with and to give focus.

Long-Tail Keywords

This one is the most likely by the SEO service providers. These types of keywords are fully specified, and it is targeted the clients who will search directly with specific and full keywords.

Following the types

SEO service providers mainly work with three types of SEO. These are white hat, black hat, and gray hat.

White Hat

White hat SEO follows all rules and guidelines of Google. It is entirely safe and the best as it is a long-lasting solution. However, the only problem with white hat SEO is, it is a prolonged process.

Black Hat

Black hat SEO goes with its name. It is more like to be said as a forbidden process of SEO as it works with the weakness and loops of Google and Google’s algorithm. Regular practice of black hat SEO can cause permanent damage to the website by Google. However, it is the fastest result boosting SEO process.

Gray Hat

Gray hat is a mixture of white hat and black hat SEO process. Most of the SEO service providers follow this one as it is faster than white hat SEO and safer than a black hat. It is a process on-demand as it uses white hat process and uses the black hat process where need.

SEO Marketing by SEO service providers

SEO service providers over the world have to do marketing or promotional activities in two significant ways. They are on-page SEO marketing and off-page SEO marketing. Both these sectors have important roles to play in SEO marketing


On-page SEO means doing some activities while creating any web page. Thinks like backlinking, meta tags, keywords rich contents, internal links, scheduled keywords, image SEO, H tags or headline tags and structured URL are the essential facts to be careful before publishing any web page.


Off-page, SEO marketing starts after publishing the web page or the content. It contains sharing, commenting, being responsive, answering the questions of clients and customers, boosting posts, social media marketing (SMM), connecting with previous related pages, and relinking with them. These are the tasks to perform as off-page SEO marketing after the web page is live.

Page Optimization

In the field of SEO marketing of a web page, there arises the need for page optimization regularly to increase the search engine ranking for that page and also keep the rank stable. Thus, page optimization must be considered now and then to get proper and long term result.

Technical Audit

Every website needs a technical audit, and it is vital. It is a fact that regular companies may not have qualified persons to perform inspections because it has a lot to do with the technical audit of a website. A person needs to be very experienced with depth knowledge of programming. The professional review requires an understanding of Google’s algorithms.

Following up and re-connecting links

Following up the results and monitoring them is very important. SEO service providers must check the backend sector of websites and research on how much the rank is increasing and what to do next to get better results. While working with new pages of the same site, previous links should consider to re-connect, especially the pages are useful in Google rank. It helps both pages to get more attraction from users or visitors, and the levels increase positively for both.

What a client needs to know

While hiring an SEO service providing company and during the process, clients must need to know some necessary things. Else it won’t be possible for them to justify the work or monitor the process. Also, there are too many factors of SEO, and if one knows nothing about that, then the website may even get banned by search engines like Google.

Creation of landing pages

It is essential to check if any pages of a website or the target web page are redirecting elsewhere or not. If it redirects, then it reduces the credibility of the site, and it dramatically creates negative impressions on audiences. Owners of a web page or website must be careful and check these things regularly.

Regular monitoring

Regular monitoring is a must. Only hiring an SEO service company for better result is not enough. To get the best result, a client must check daily updates and rank increasing facts of his website. Taking regular data and updates with results from SEO service providers solve the problem and shows excellent positive results.

Which type is using by the SEO Service Provider

Every client wants a fast result, and SEO service providers know well about these facts. However, the client must check if the SEO service providers are following black hat SEO marketing or not. Because if they are using black hat SEO then sooner or later, the website will be blacklisted by Google, which will cost permanent damage to the site. It is always good to use a white hat method because it is safe and long term solution.

Response rate

While doing SEO marketing, SEO service providers will share the pages in many related pages and blogs. A large number of audience will then join or get connected with the company. As a result, a large number of questions will also come, and SEO service providers may not be able to answer them all. It is the responsibility of the client or owner to solve them and to check them regularly to get customer satisfaction.


Patience is a must while quality SEO. The fast result won’t remain as long as the ranks will be increased by targeting Google’s loops and weakness. However, the way of following Google’s guidelines will take time to show results, but this will remain longer. So clients must keep patience while looking for positive results in ranks of the website.

How to choose the best SEO service provider

Choosing the best SEO service provider is not that easy. As it is a growing business and a vast number of new companies are seen emerging, it becomes challenging to find a good one. For this, previous working projects and results and files will be beneficial for new clients to choose a good one.