Are Lokai Bracelets Real or Fake? Video Tutorial

Lokai bracelets are one such pattern developments, nonetheless is a Lokai bracelet precise or is it fake? Are Lokai bracelets legit? And since the most recent pattern fad, an understanding of what the bracelet is all about is significant.

Now, sooner than we check out the design of the bracelet, what it stands for, and whether or not or not these bracelets are fake or precise, let’s check out the basics first.

Non permanent introduction of Lokai bracelets

 Lokai bracelets have been designed as an important reminder so as to uncover your stability. They symbolize the most recent fad, with the bracelet’s fad and the craze surrounding it being the symbolism that surrounds the bracelet, along with the lifestyle it represents.

The bracelet is manufactured from silicone along with the brand-specific white and black beads, positioned instantly reverse each other.

It is believed that the white bead on the bracelet is manufactured from water collected from Mt. Everest, whereas the black bead accommodates mud supposedly collected from the Lifeless Sea. Notably, the water from Mt. Everest, which is the very best stage on earth, is believed to represent the highs in life; whereas the mud collected from the earth’s lowest stage on the Lifeless Sea is claimed to represent the lows in life and the need to remain hopeful even inside the unhappiness and doubtless essentially the most hopeless moments. The white bead is claimed to remind you to remain humble if you end up at your highest stage.

The clear beads, in between the white and the black beads symbolize the in-betweens in life. Moreover, the message by the Lokai is all about stability. Lokai represents stability, and the phrase Lokai is derived from the Hawaiian phrase for stability, and it not solely encourages stability however moreover reminds its wearers to be humble.

With these meanings hooked as much as the Lokai bracelets and the inherent look for stability, it’s wise that the Lokai bracelet is type of normal presently. Pop stars, celebrities, {{and professional}} athletes placed on the Lokai bracelets too, which is why that’s the popular piece of jewelry presently.

Together with the reality that the bracelet encourages stability, humility, and hopefulness, Lokai bracelets have moreover been created and supplied in help of varied causes.

Are Lokai bracelets precise?

 Lokai bracelets are exact bracelets which may be manufactured from beads that are available in quite a few colors. In step with the Lokai site, these bracelets comprise water from Mt. Everest inside the white bead and grime from the Lifeless Sea inside the black bead. In between, there are clear beads that moreover comprise water and symbolize stability.

Nonetheless whether or not or not the Lokai bracelet is precise or not is all a matter of your beliefs and the reason for buying the bracelet.

Some people have raised points over the reality that the bracelet may not have any water in any case, which suggests that whether or not or not the bracelet actually has water or not, the supposed which means of the bracelet would nonetheless be the equivalent if that is what you choose to think about in.

Lokai bracelet precise vs. fake

How are you going to tell the precise Lokai bracelets from the fake bracelets?

What makes the Lokai bracelets distinctive is the reality that they preserve a deeper which means, and as well as, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the bracelets go to completely completely different charities and causes supported by Lokai.

Sadly, not all Lokai bracelet supplied within the market are actually real, and though a couple of of the sellers of the Lokai bracelet declare that their bracelets are real, there have been cases the place the Lokai bracelets aren’t real.

So, how do you inform real and fake Lokai bracelets other than each other? What’s the excellence between the real and the fake Lokai bracelets?


It is potential you may not want to listen to this, nonetheless when it comes all the best way right down to determining the authenticity of the Lokai bracelets, you may must disregard utilizing the tags as a method of determining real or fakes.

The reason for that’s that it’s vitally simple for anyone to duplicate the bracelets’ tags because it’s simple to repeat designs and fonts. It, subsequently, implies that the one method so as to resolve the authenticity of the Lokai bracelet will be by checking the exact design and choices of the bracelet itself.

Listed below are the choices you’d should look out for:

  1. The white and black beads. These are the two explicit beads that make up the Lokai bracelet. The beads comprise water and grime, for the white and black beads, respectively. Due to this you wouldn’t have a clear bead somewhat than the white one.
  1. Dimensionof the black and the white beads. That’s the reverse perform you can seek for. Principally, the scale of these two beads is exactly the equivalent, and so they’re moreover the equivalent measurement as the rest of the beads. Fairly the alternative, a whole lot of the fake bracelets may have white and black beads of varied sizes, and so they’re sometimes outsized and significantly higher than the clear beads.
  1. Mesh and beads Overlap Design – the alternative distinction between the real and the fake Lokai bracelets is in how the beads overlap and mesh collectively. Normally, the fakes will perform the white and black beads attempting like they’ve been glued collectively recklessly and just about as an afterthought as they don’t seem to be pretty correctly associated to the alternative surrounding beads. Nonetheless for the precise Lokai bracelets, the whit and the once more beads are designed fastidiously, and they also seem like they’ve been melted together with the bead that lies subsequent to them, in a great mesh.
  1. Squashing – you may uncover that the fake bracelets have their beads sitting in a method that lacks wonderful finishes, and the beads sometimes seem like they’ve been squashed to 1 one other considerably uncomfortably. The precise Lokai bracelets, nonetheless, are masterfully crafted, and the beads are put collectively fastidiously and in a well-ordered pattern so that there is the equivalent amount of home reserved between the beads, and they also don’t seem like they’ve been squashed collectively.
  1. Symbols – the alternative issue you can look out for is the Lokai symbols. For the real Lokai bracelets, the symbols positioned on the white and the black Lokai beads can be found a set measurement; and so they aren’t too small or too big as a result of the symbols are sized to swimsuit the beads utterly whereas leaving you with only a bit empty home throughout the beads – you presumably can see the home if you happen to check out the bracelets straight from above. And on the bottom of the black and the white beads, you may uncover a small circle on the real bracelets – this circle is considerably small, and it’s designed to go inwards, barely. Nonetheless, the fake bracelets may need small circles on the underside, nonetheless the circle is often too big, and it stands out, making the bead appear completely spherical from all angles.
  1. Raw Edges – in a whole lot of the Lokai bracelets which may be fakes, you may uncover that the beads making up the bracelet have raw edges, attempting like an additional software program of silicone. The precise Lokai bracelets is just not going to have these silicone raw edges on account of the producers take the time to make it potential for there aren’t any excesses of silicone or any unsightliness on the edges.
  1. Glossiness and Matteness – a couple of of the Lokai bracelets are shiny, and others have a matte finish, nonetheless there could also be matte/ shiny confusion between the fakes and the precise bracelets. For the precise Lokai bracelets, you may uncover that the shiny bracelets are solely the Genuine ones, World Water Day (blue), the Susan G. Komen’s (pink), Alzheimer’s (purple), and Save the Youngsters (crimson). The matte ones embody the Shark Week (white/blue/gray), Make-A-Need (rainbow), and the camo (World Wildlife Fund) bracelets.
  1. The other variations to try embody non-existent design (for example, the fake swirly pinks), packaging (fake Lokai bracelets can be found plastic packaging), and the sellers’ packages (solely fakes are supplied as bundled provides in plastic baggage). It is also potential to tell that the bracelet is fake if the multicolored bracelet design has a messy look or with weird patterns which may be in all places. Moreover, most multicolored fakes are shiny considerably than matte.
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The place is the Lokai agency positioned?

The company relies in New York.

The place are Lokai bracelets manufactured?

The bracelets are made in China.

Are Lokai bracelets made in China?

Positive, they’re.

The place can I buy a lokai bracelet?

You can purchase the Lokai bracelet from the Lokai site,, or you may also order your most popular Lokai bracelet from Amazon.


In case you’re looking for Lokai bracelets and in addition you aren’t sure if the seller’s gadgets are fake or precise, the data above must info you in making the one choice.

You additionally must know that the real Lokai bracelets will embody diametrically-opposed white and black beads which may be marked with Lokai’s teardrop model.

Thanks for finding out. Please study additional pattern producers proper right here or study our latest posts proper right here!

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